Base camp of the Rocky Mountains

The Gunnison Valley is unique among mountain valleys in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains in that development has been constrained and restricted to small towns with dense populations. Our valley has avoided the contiguous development you see in so many places around the West. We owe a great deal of that to the foresight of our long-term ranching families, many of whom still operate working cattle ranches here in the Gunnison Valley.

Tucked into our valley, you’ll find 4 small mountain towns, ranging in population from nearly 1,000 residents all the way up to nearly 6,000, and then a smattering of even smaller towns that persist from their early days as mining towns. Running south to north, you’ll first find Gunnison, then Almont, then Crested Butte, and finally Mt. Crested Butte. If you venture higher up into the mountains, you’ll find the likes of Gothic, Irwin, Pitkin, and many others.








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